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Original Tulsi Mala: Your One-stop-shop Towards Authenticity

Tulsi mala is the element that stands for our inner peace and helps regulate an internal balance with our mind and body. Thus, significant elements such as Tulsi Mala have to be supplied by authentic ISKCON Original Tulsi Mala Wholesaler In Gujarat India.

At Original Tulsi Mala, we deliver only the best and finest range of authentic tulsi mala in and across Gujarat. Our delivery system is organized, making purchasing Original tulsi mala fast, efficient, and pocket-friendly. But there is more for which you have to keep reading.

Types Of Tulsi Mala We Deal In

We Deal in Tulsi Kanthi Mala, Tulsi Japa Mala, Japa bag, Tulsi Locket Mala, Naam Sewa,Counter Mala and Rudraksha Mala that are authentic. Based on Vrindavan Mathura, we ensure that you acquire the best products cost-effectively.

Our vision as a Tulsi Japa Mala Wholesaler and Exporter at Gujarat is to link you with a space where a wide range of credible tulsi mala can be obtained.

Let us share with you our wide selection of Tulsi Mala.

  • Exclusive Tulsi Mala Collection
  • Sandalwood Mala
  • Tulsi Locket Mala
  • Tulsi Kanthi Mala
  • Jap Beads Mala
  • Counter Mala
  • Gomukhi or Japa Beads Bag
  • Rudraksha Mala
  • Antique Mala
  • Silver Tulsi Collection

As a Tulsi Kanthi Mala Wholesaler and Exporter at Gujarat, we specialize in producing and delivering different variations of Tulsi mala without hindering the quality. As a result, all of our valuable clients can find the beads that they resonate with the most.

Reasons Why You Should Use Tulsi Mala

Although we all know how there is a religious connotation in the usage of the original Original Tulsi Mala usage, there are more beneficial pointers that will assist you in purchasing it from us.

  • Tulsi mala helps one to seek balance with their inner and outer self.
  • It regulates inner peace.
  • The tulsi mala helps one rationally negotiate with their anger.

With more than 700 items on our official website and has served up to 1000+ customers, we assure you that your purchasing experience will be satisfied with our authentic range of products. Contact us at 9205700981 or reach out to us at to know more about our services.


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