How to find the Best Original Tulsi mala wholesalers in Bangalore?

Tulsi wood is the holiest wood of all in the Hindu tradition and belongs to the basil family. It is worshipped as a living goddess in Indian temples. A Hindu legend tells that Vishnu has carried Tulsi from the turbulent waters to help all humanity.

The Indian belief says that wherever Tulsi is cultivated, the place is worshipped as a place of pilgrimage, and Lord of Death sepoys do not enter the place. In India, the Tulsi is considered the holiest plant. It is an erected, bushy plant with high tallness of about 4 feet.

Its leaves are aromatic, and its glands are small. In small bunches, the flowers are purple, and the seeds are red and yellow.

The spot containing the tulsi plant is free of pollution, according to scientists. The oil may kill bacteria and insects from the leaves. The leaves contain traces of mercury and are also now used to cure cancer. The leaves juice heals bronchitis and upsets the stomach. All skin conditions are cured with the leaves pasted and cold cure of the leaf's decoction. Tulsi rosary heals people with heavy fever, mental illnesses, and wind disease in the system.

Tulsi is the holiest of the wood used for Indian worship, and the herb Tulsi is considered the Divine Incarnation. Tulsi has remarkable physical and spiritual curing properties and contributes to the enhancement of commitment and love. Tulsi mala is used for Ram, Krishna, and above all, Vishnu, of whom we are told that it is the creator and beloved of the plant Tulsi.

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