Tulsi Mala: Holy product for the devotees

Original Tulsi mala online is considered to be the most holy product in India and Indian worship, and the Tulsi plant is believed to be the Divine person. The Original Tulsi Mala is made out of timber or Tulsi seeds and is used for name chanting and adoration. Moreover, ISKCON Tulsi Mala, helps the mind the mind to focus in prayers, has unbelievable spiritual and physical healing powers.

The Tulsi Mala online consists of 108 wound beads, made in Tulsi wood, with a 109th bead around a powerful string. The Tulsi Mala online is available in different colours, such as black, brown and sandalwooden, depending on the type of Tulsi plant.

The mala tulsi can be worn on the neck or attached to the fist. The advantages of Tulsi's leaves are well proven, and the spiritual and physical healing power of Tulsi beads online helps to rejuvenate the stressed mind and bring a person's spiritual self closer to God.

Furthermore, the original Tulsi Mala can bring the devoted wearer good luck and good fortune. The kapha and the vata dosha are said to be balanced. Tulsi mala online brings the positive vibe in the environment, and the heart is filled with the sense of the divine by a sensational divine. The ISKCON Tulsi Mala online is used to worship Lord Ram and Krishna, various Lord Vishnu incarnations who are believed to be the Creator and loved one of the Tulsi.