Why do devotees wear Original Tulsi Kanthi Mala ?

Original tulsi mala is considered as the fourth incarnation of the supreme Goddess. Tulsi is considered best for worshiping Lord Vishnu, Ram, and Krishna. It is considered very useful for the cure for throat disorders, according to Ayurveda. Tulsi is often used to purify the body, it provides peace of mind and decreases tension. It has a very distinguished appearance, fragrance, and flavored flavors. Devotees typically use original tulsi mala (Kanti mala).

However, devotees who chant the Maha-mantra and obey a specific duration of 4 regulative principles can also wear tulsi mala on the collar, claim around six months at least. Since Tulsi is entirely pure, we must use the original Tulsi mala for our physical and mental purity. If a person is wearing tulsi neck beads to mimic a Vaisnava but doesn't want to give up seriously and doesn't comply with the rules, he is a violator and will not enhance spiritual service. It is also recommended not to wear beads if four normative standards are not followed.

Uses of Original Tulsi Mala

Even using tulsi mala only with Hare Krishna Maha Manthra is appropriate because Hare Krishna maha Manthra is the kali-yuga mantra that will raise you Krishna; you are living there. Padma Purana says: "When you ablute, bathe, eat or in every clean or unclean state, you must wear tulsi; it means you should not strip mala under any circumstances. Tulsi mala is often to be worn as yajna, or holy cord, says Shastras. Those who take away Tulsi mala for a time are known as Vishnu Drohi.